What is the daily PMD?

The daily PMD (Plus, side effects
Minus, Delta) is a way of tracking my behaviors in a day that I thought were  good and bad as well as what I would change (the delta).

My hope is that by keeping track of these I will develop better habits and make incremental improvements in my day to day living – hopefully as a healthier, happier person.

The daily is really simple, here is an example:

P – Plus

  • only 2 cups of black coffee in the entire day
  • 2 eggs and lentils for breakfast

M – Minus

  • Bought my lunch at work

D – Delta (Change)

  • get to sleep before 10pm
  • write a to-do list for the next day prior to going to sleep


The great thing about the Daily PMD is it can be customized to track whatever you like – you can use it to make improvements in what you are eating, how you are exercising or organizing your life – It is up to you!



First Hike – Dog Mountain on Mount Seymour

This past weekend my buddy Alex an I took a hike to Dog Mountain from the Mount Seymour parking lot. We got up there early and were greeted by a swarm of black flies (I think?) as we got out of the car. Lucky for me, urticaria Alex has maintained an unbelievable ability to attract biting insects over the years. When we tree planted many years ago Alex would try everything short of duct taping his entire body (mosquito nets, viagra buy multiple layers of clothing, bathing in Muskol) to prevent himself from being bitten only to show up at the end of the day his head swollen from bites. In this case, as the flies dive-bombed Alex’s face I was able to get organized for the hike without any problems.

The hike itself was great, the flies stayed in the parking lot and we were able to do the 5km route in a little over an hour.

The elevation changes were not horrible and there were only a few sections with tricky footing.

The view at Dog Mountain is spectacular, you can see all of Vancouver and back up the valley past Burnaby and Port Moody:


After the hike we were able to enjoy a great brunch at The Reef on Commercial Drive, I had the “Jamaica Me Crabby” which was great.

All and all a great morning and an excellent reminder of what I like about hiking – the outdoors, great scenery and guilt free food afterwards.