Daily PMD – Wednesday


  • Breakfast – 2 Eggs scrambled, noun red lentils
  • Black Coffee
  • Lunch – Salad – Spinach, recipe green peppers, pharm kidney beans, grilled chicken, 1/2 egg hard boiled egg, balsamic and some olives.
  • Black Coffee
  • Dinner – Low Mein Noodles with Chicken and vegetables
  • Exercise – 30 Minutes on the Eliptical, 60 Kettle Bell Swings



  • Look in to alternative workouts to do when i don’t have time to do the lengthy workout

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A 30 something father of three, trying to get back on the path to better health and I figure going public (even if no one is reading) is the best way to stay true to that goal. Over the past couple of years my priorities have been renovating the house and learning to be a dad. Now, I am hoping that by getting back in to shape I will improve my energy levels, allowing me to accomplish even more.

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