Daily PMD – Thursday

I finally bit the bullet and purchased a utility trailer for use around the house. I have been borrowing my father-in-law’s for the last 5 years so it was definitely time to stop imposing – at least that is how I sold it to my wife.

Given that I don’t own a pick-up (yet), buy countless times times I have hauled junk to the dump, web or picked up dirt or rock for use around the house using a trailer so I look forward to having ready access to it.

The trailer itself is really solid, approved made in the US and the service and price  I got from Fraser Pacific Equipment was great. They were really helpful and went so far as to bring me a cup of water when I was hooking the trailer up as it was a hot day.

I decided to take a “me-day” when I went out to pick it up. The drive would take about 45 minutes using the highway, but I decided to take the quieter more rural roads that run parallel to the US boarder. Not only is the traffic lighter but you get the feeling you are driving back in time the further eat of the city you get. Big buildings replaced by big parcels of land and great views of Mt. Baker.

  • Breakfast – 2 Eggs scrambled, this web
    red lentils
  • Black Coffee
  • Lunch – Wonton Soup (chicken dumplings, green onion, bean sprouts in a broth)
  • Black Coffee
  • Dinner – Lentils, grilled Chicken breast and carrots
  • Exercise – 30 mintues on the Eliptical



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A 30 something father of three, trying to get back on the path to better health and I figure going public (even if no one is reading) is the best way to stay true to that goal. Over the past couple of years my priorities have been renovating the house and learning to be a dad. Now, I am hoping that by getting back in to shape I will improve my energy levels, allowing me to accomplish even more.

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