Daily PMD – Thursday

The daily PMD


  • Breakfast – 2 Eggs scrambled with onion and red pepper with Black beans on the side.
  • Black Coffee
  • Lunch – Homemade Healthy Chili
  • Black Coffee
  • Dinner –  Tuna Melt (leftover from the other night) and Black Beans with Lettuce Wrap innards (also leftovers)
  • Exercise – 30 Minutes on the Elliptical, 70 Kettle Bell Swings (2 sets of 35), 20 minute walk to the dog (had to cut it short to get to the Grocery store before it closed)


  • Good day woo hoo!


  • Wake up earlier (6am)
  • organize for next day before going to bed


Daily PMD for Hump Day

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PMD – Friday

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PMD – Thursday

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